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I am fully vaccinated (seven doses) and always get the annual flu shot


Before your appointment

I will screen you for COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses by sending you an online form to be filled out before you arrive.

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When you arrive

Please arrive as close to the appointment time as possible. I do not have an indoor waiting area, but you are welcome to sit on my porch if you are early.


Cleaning and disinfection

Between appointments the following will be cleaned and disinfected: 

  • Anything you touch (e.g. sheets, door knobs, chairs)

  • Areas and items you have had indirect contact with (e.g. table, blankets, pillows, heating pads)

Fresh air and ventilation

To significantly reduce risk of aerosol transmission, an open window will bring in fresh air (when there isn't excessive construction noise) and two HEPA air purifiers (enough to support a room over 3.5 times larger) will be running (2, 3). A table warmer, heating pads, and a space heater will keep you warm in the colder seasons.

During the treatment

I will wear a snug-fitting medical mask and goggles.  I do not require patients to wear a mask, although I strongly recommend it. I will provide a surgical mask to those who want one. 

After the treatment

Please sanitize your hands, and contactless payment via email transfer is preferred.


You must give 24 hours notice via my booking software, JaneApp for any changes or cancellations - calls, texts, or emails are NOT accepted.  If you do not give 24 hours notice, the full fee for that visit will be charged (unless the timeslot gets rebooked). If you want to give your appointment time to a friend, it's a win-win all around. Not showing up will also incur the full fee. 


However, if it is less than 24 hours before your appointment and you have just become sick, please contact me directly via text to reschedule your appointment.  I will waive all charges if, at the time of cancellation, you are able to reschedule your appointment for a later date within a few weeks. But If you cancel, reschedule, or do not show up for the new appointment; you will be charged for a missed treatment.


Charges are incurred for the full appointment time booked. They cannot be reduced, nor can the appointment time be adjusted, for a late arrival. 

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